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Our Smile-Makers

J. Roger Smith, DMD


In 2005 there was a great deal of talk throughout our nation that “Access to Dental Care” was a real problem in many areas.  Dr. Roger Smith, a practicing dentist in the Birmingham area, began to look at his own state of Alabama and found that not only did the poor West Alabama Counties have a problem with “access” to care, even large cities like Birmingham had many underserved communities that had a difficult time attracting quality dentists to come into those needy areas and provide dental services. 

Dr. Smith shared this idea with Mary McSpadden, one of his patients at that time, and before you know it, the two joined forces to establish a top-notch office in the heart of Woodlawn to serve children and teens, many of whom did not have “access” to dental care, because of the type of insurance they had or simply because they did not have dental insurance at all.

As the Co-Founder of Smiles for Keeps, Dr. Smith serves as the clinical conscience.  With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Smith has an abundance of knowledge and skill.  He is always willing to be a sounding board for the Smiles for Keeps dentists as they can sometimes benefit from consulting a more experienced dentist on those difficult and unusual cases they may encounter.  In addition, Dr. Smith is willing to provide some behind-the-scenes pro-bono services to Smiles for Keeps patients that need dental treatment that may not be offered at Smiles for Keeps.


Mary McSpadden


Mary McSpadden is a woman with a mission at Smiles for Keeps.  She wants every child that comes to Smiles for Keeps to have an opportunity for a bright, beautiful smile, because she recognizes that a healthy smile can be a real difference-maker when it comes to a positive self-image.  That healthy smile can also open the door to many wonderful opportunities that might not otherwise present themselves.
Mary grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee, where she received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Tennessee.   Mary taught for four years right out of college, but IBM recruited her to move to Alabama where she was responsible for the sales and marketing of educational technology for K-12 schools throughout the state. 

In 2005, Mary met Dr. Roger Smith and listened intently as he discussed his vision for creating a first-rate dentist office in an area that would normally attract only a public health dental clinic with minimal types of services provided.  As a person who is motivated by making a difference in the lives of others, Mary was “in” almost from the start.   Ten months after Mary discussed the opportunity with Dr. Smith, Smiles for Keeps became a reality.  She’s never looked back as she is certain Smiles for Keeps is her “calling.” 


Beau Bradford, DMD


Dr. Robert (Beau) F. Bradford, Jr., is an absolute “natural” with children at Smiles for Keeps!  His compassion, his great sense of humor, his patience, and his willingness to “coach” children to become good dental patients are all qualities that make it fun to visit our office as a patient, a parent, and a staff member. 
Dr. Bradford is a native of Alabama and grew up in Montgomery.  He attended Birmingham-Southern College where he was a Biology/Psychology major.  Upon graduation, he entered the University of Alabama 
Birmingham's Dental School and graduated in 2007.  It was during his dental school experience that he developed a true passion for treating children.  Like everyone at Smiles for Keeps, Dr. Bradford believes in treating children, not teeth.  He treats each patient the same way he would want his own children to be treated.
Dr. Bradford loves spending time with his beautiful family – wife Brandy and children Beckett and Anna Brittan.  If Dr. Bradford were to choose a career other than dentistry it would be performing on stage as a guitarist and a singer.  He makes everyone at the office smile when he plays the guitar and serenades the children.  He also enjoys playing golf, spending time at the beach and dining with friends and family.

Ogden Headshot.jpg

Ogden Deaton, DMD


Dr. Ogden Deaton, Jr., joined the Smiles for Keeps team in 2022. He brings a lot of energy, a positive attitude about life in general, and a smile that lights up the whole office. 

Dr. Ogden Deaton, Jr., was born and raised in Mountain Brook, Alabama. His journey towards becoming a dentist began at the University of Alabama where he pursued a degree in Finance. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, Dr. Deaton took a "gap year" and began working at Smiles for Keeps as a dental assistant, gaining hands-on experience and making relationships with patients that he now treats as a dentist. In 2017, Dr. Deaton entered the University of Alabama Birmingham's School of Dentistry and graduated in 2021. After graduating dental school, Dr. Deaton completed a general practice residency at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Denver, Colorado. His residency enabled him to further develop skills that he will be using at Smiles for Keeps with our adult patients - procedures like crown and bridge, partials, dentures, and surgical implants. 

Dr. Deaton is happily married to his beloved wife, Taylor Anne. Together, they eagerly await the arrival of their baby boy, Ogden Deaton III. Outside the dental office, Dr. Deaton enjoys embracing the wonders of the great outdoors. His love for nature and adventure leads him to spend his free time hunting, fishing, and hanging out with his chocolate lab, Maddie.

Dasha G. Clayton, DMD


Dr. Dasha Clayton, affectionately known as "Dr. Dasha" to staff and patients, joined Smiles for Keeps as a general dentist in July of 2023. She exudes a spirit of calm and compassion, which certainly helps our patients who may experience a little fear when it comes to visiting the dentist. 

Dr. Dasha was born in Albany, New York, but was raised majority of her life in Huntsville, Alabama. After graduating from high school in Huntsville, Dr. Dasha  moved to Birmingham,  where she attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) to pursue her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences. Prior to attending dental school, she took a "gap year" and obtained a master's degree in Biomedical and Health Sciences. She then began UAB's dental school program and graduated in 2023. 

With a strong interest in Smiles for Keeps' commitment to Birmingham's revitalization efforts in the Woodlawn community, Dr. Dasha was aggressively recruited by the management team to come on board to treat the older youngsters and the adults patients.

Amid all of Dr. Dasha's academic pursuits, she married her husband, John. Outside of her professional life, Dasha cherishes her time with her husband and furry companions - a dog named Trooper and a cat named Masha. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, exercising, and reading.

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